Thomas Moore

If readers will now step across with me to the corner of the Commissariat Stores opposite the Fire Station we shall have round us one of the most interesting parts of Old Sydney. On our right, on the corner of Globe street, north of Grubb's butchering establishment, stood, in 1812, the house of Thomas Moore. One forms a mental picture of men whose names and deeds only are known to one, and my picture of Thomas Moore is that of one of nature's gentlemen. He was the master boat-builder of the establishment,
a man respected by high and low. He prospered, took up grants at Liverpool, and retired from the public service. In 1839 Mr. Moore transferred to the Bishop of Sydney, for the endowment of the Cathedral, this George street property--a gift he ratified in his will. 

The property was resumed by the Government, which paid £20,000 for it. Mr. Moore died in 1840, and left all his estate to the Church of England, which keeps his memory green in the name of Moore College.